The right motivation

Think a minute…A school teacher was complaining about a little boy in her class who was not showing any interest in learning. She said: “That boy David just will not do his school work. He’s not even motivated enough to try!” 

But a famous education professor says there is no such thing as a person who is not motivated. So what that teacher should have said is: “David just is not motivated to learn with me.”  Because that same boy, David, will jump out of bed early in the morning if he’s going fishing or to play with his friends.

Everyone can be motivated. We just need to be motivated for the right things. Just watch people leaving work on Friday, rushing off for a weekend of fun. They don’t look unmotivated or lazy then! Maybe you had a schoolteacher who really made a certain subject interesting even exciting to you.

They made you want to learn more, and they explained things so you could really understand. Then you ended up doing much better in that teacher’s class than you did in the other ones.

But then it’s not possible for our children’s teachers to know our own kids as well as we do. That’s why we their parents are their most important teachers. It is mainly our responsibility to motivate our children so they want to learn and do their best.

And to do that, we must let our kids know that we believe in them. We watch them closely so we can help them know what they’re naturally talented and good at doing. Then we need to encourage them in that area so they can fully develop their own special abilities, whether it’s academics and school, sports, cooking, music, business, relating to people, or something else. 

You and I can motivate our children by always loving and accepting them without conditions, no matter what they do.

Even when we don’t approve of everything they do, we must still accept them so they know they are always loved. And when our kids do something well, we should encourage them by letting them know how very pleased we are with them.

Maybe you yourself never had someone who believed in you or motivated you to be your best in life. But today, you can ask Jesus Christ to take charge of your life. He will help you start seeing and using your own special abilities He’s given you. Jesus will also help you start encouraging and motivating others to be their best. 

Just Think a Minute …

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