When life is simple, it’s enjoyable

By Sarafina Sanerivi 04 December 2016, 12:00AM

For To’afa Vaimoa, from the village of Salelesi, he doesn’t understand why people make everything complicated.

He explains how great a simple life can be with a lot less worry and stress. To’afa says that his life simply just great.

Aged 30, To’afa says his family relies a lot on his cow farm and plantation to live. Although his style of living is simple, he says that it’s still a very joyful life.

“Life in the rural village is great,” To’afa expressed to the Village Voice.

“I actually prefer this over living close to town because it’s just great and peaceful. I can just stay at home and focus on developing my plantation.”

“Out here we grow up on learning to survive on just our plantation. We can grow our own food and sell some of the crops to earn some money.”

To’afa explains that that is the difference between the town and the village.

“My family is fine on just cooked taro and some tea,” he said.

“We don’t try and make our lives too complicated; simple is what life out here is all about. That’s the only difference between town and back villages.”

“We live simple lives while town people just go mucking around. This is the life we grew up knowing and it has worked for us ever since.”

The hardworking farmer says that his family has little need for money because he grows all that they need.”

“I hardly sell my crops,” To’afa said.

“I just sell to people around the village who are in real need of taro; yes I do have the option of making my way to the market to sell some of my taro but there are extra expenses that come with that.”

“I have to pay for the transport costs of taking everything to town and then returning. It’s just not worth it so I would rather just stay back here and sell to those around me who need it.”

“My plan is to just live this simple life and put my children through school so that they can have whatever they want in the future.”

Furthermore, To’afa says that it’s very easy to be a farmer and it’s a lot let stressful than having an office job.

“Living as a farmer is very easy,” he said.

“When I get too tired then I can just stay at home and rest. I don’t have anyone bossing me around so I am in charge of what I do every day.”

“It not like the western kind of jobs in town where the boss fires you if he sees you not doing anything. That’s how life is for us right now.”

“It’s just me, my wife and my children at my house and the rest of my family is overseas. We have a cow farm and a plantation which supports my family.”

“That’s a little bit of my life.”

By Sarafina Sanerivi 04 December 2016, 12:00AM

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