Honour your parents, Eric urges young Samoans

By Ilia L Likou 21 October 2017, 12:00AM

The greatest gift young people can give their parents is honour.

So says Eric Osa, 21, who believes that when you honour your parents, you are doing what God wants you to do.

Eric from Vaitele-Fou and Pesega is the youngest of eight siblings.

“Honestly, growing up in my own family I see that not every day is the same, sometimes my parents struggle to put me and my siblings through school,” Eric told the Village Voice team yesterday. 

“But they always fight in prayers and I think that’s why we still survive until today in whatever we are doing.”

From all the struggles he experienced, Eric believes showing his appreciation by honouring his parents is a great gift. 

“This is one of the many verses in the bible that we learn every day as well as in my family, my parents always remind us that the only way to a successful life is to honour thy father and mother,” he said.

“That’s true!”

He said we could honour our parents in many ways.

“We can honour our parents by obeying them, not only that, but by being thankful, and being responsible in everything especially chores at home from day to day.

“By obeying, I will listen to what they tell me to do because I’ll get a belt in return if not, I mean these are some of the ways that I believe we can honour our parents.  

“Not only that, but by being thankful for the food that goes in your stomach every day, we go here and there every day, but they are at work, some parents on the road to face the sun and the rain just to make sure that there’s a plate of rice on the table every day.

“I salute them for their hard work.”

Eric is one of the seafarers who will be travelling to Italy on contract for nine months.

“That’s why I want to thank the Man above for giving me such loving parents to take care of me ever since I was young until today.

“Being thankful for our parents’ love and support all these years is important.

“Our parents’ job is to help, love and care for us and when you think of 365 days a year, 12 months a year, 52 weeks a year of their sacrifice, I just want to honour my parents because I’m thankful for their sacrifice.”

Eric has a simple message for the children.

“Our parents are the greatest gift from God, and showing them you can improve in every single part of your life is part of honouring them.”

By Ilia L Likou 21 October 2017, 12:00AM
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