Abortion call strongly rejected

31 August 2017, 12:00AM

A call has been made by the Ministry of Health to the government to amend laws that govern abortion in Samoa. The call is made in their 98-page National H.I.V, A.I.D.S, and S.T.I. Policy 2017-2022 obtained by the Samoa Observer. At the moment, abortion of any form is illegal. Do you think the law should be changed to allow abortion? Lizzy Hunt asked people in today’s Street Talk and this is what they said:

Manuia Faamanatuga, 30, Toamua

We are a country founded on God. In fact, we have just changed the Constitution to make us an official Christian country. Christians shouldn’t kill their babies. I have heard a lot about these cases and yet they are growing, it is like a disease spreading all over especially among teenagers. Say no to a change of law to allow abortion. 


Vitolia Stowers, 32, Vaitele 

It is illegal to abort and the law should stay the same. I think we should consider strengthening that law. It’s not just against the Bible, imagine what will happen to all those young girls who will just go off an get pregnant knowing they can just have an abortion? We need to be strong and stand against allowing this to happen.


Penaia Tolai, 57, Vailele

Abortion is a sin. According to the Bible’s Ten Commandments, it says that thou shall not kill. I am strongly against this. We live in an age of human rights but this should not be allowed. We either respect God or we don’t. And his word is clearly against such actions. 


Silipa Iasepi, 21, Tulaele

The decisions we make each day affects our life in the future. I tell you this is one of the worst problems that most families are facing, teenage pregnancies and abortion. I don’t agree to change the law. If anything I think the law should be strengthened so that whoever is caught is jailed. We don’t want to encourage the killing on innocent lives.


Esoto Ropati, 25, Vaitele fou

Abortion is one of the worst things anyone could do. That is murder with intent. I urge the government not to consider such a ridiculous call for a law change. Rather the law should be strengthened to stop women from doing this. I repeat, abortion is killing and it is against the law to kill. So why are we trying to change the law to kill innocent people? A foetus is a life. Don’t forget that.


Jofi Aiomanu, 20, Vaitele

Abortion is the same as killing. I don’t support it. This talk has to stop. Why did they want to make a baby and later end up aborting it? That’s so wrong. For all those who had been aborting their infants, I suggest that you please stop now. Abortion is a sin and it is against the law. Stop it please.



31 August 2017, 12:00AM

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