Be first

Think a minute… A mother had not spoken to her son for 3 years because of an argument they had. Even after 3 years the mother was still offended and felt her son should apologize first, not her.

By now she had become very sick and was even planning on dying without making peace with her son. But finally, the mother decided to be the first to humble herself and ask her son to forgive her. Immediately her son apologized to her and they became close friends again.

You know, when we choose to stay angry and hold a grudge against someone, we believe the lie that our being right is more important than our being happy and healthy. But it’s not! The only way to be at peace in your own life is for you to forgive others. You be wise and strong enough to be the one to apologize, even if you’re older. You be the peacemaker and take the first step.

Yet sadly, many of us would rather boil in our anger because we feel the other person was wrong and they owes us an apology. You see, maybe we were right. But life’s just too short to wait for everybody in life who has wronged us to finally come to us first and apologize. It just isn’t going to happen that way. So the sooner we swallow our pride and be the peacemaker, the sooner we’ll be free and happy.

That’s exactly what God the Son, Jesus Christ, did for you and me. We are the ones who wronged and rejected God, yet He still loved us enough to humiliate Himself by becoming a human being to live and die for all our wrongs against Him and others.

He did it so you and I could be at peace with him both now and forever after we die. He did everything for us. All we have to do is ask Jesus for His gift of forgiveness and new life.

You see, it’s only when we ask Jesus to take charge of our heart that we will have His love and strength to be the first to forgive and make peace, so we can enjoy a happy life with our family and friends. Today, won’t you ask Jesus to give you His power to be a peacemaker—before it’s too late? Just Think a Minute…

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