Man hits out at negligence over environment

By Ilia L Likou 21 October 2017, 12:00AM

“Humans are caretakers of this spaceship called earth and it is our responsibility to ensure Mother Nature is protected and preserved for generations to come. 

“Sadly, nowadays this is not the case. Our desire to become industrialised nations often leads to irrational decisions and actions without realising their consequences.” 

This is what Lafaele Kelekolio from Aleisa told the Village Voice yesterday.

He was speaking about climate change and changes in the weather patterns.

He said it all boils down to the “carelessness of people”.

“Climate change influences everything,” the 46-year-old father told the Village Voice.

Lafaele says it’s human nature not to follow rules and this causes change in weather patterns and climate which also affects our lives. 

“I think we have enough awareness on the effects of climate change, especially ways that we must follow to protect the ozone layer.”

However, he believes people can still save the world from extreme weather and climate changes. 

“Stop burning plastics, factories should reduce air pollution; recycle your home wastes, glass and metal and many others.

“If we don’t act today our children will suffer tomorrow.”

Aside from extreme climate change, Lafaele said good education for our children was a real investment.

“Yes we know that education empowers our young ones and if we fail today, who’s going to suffer tomorrow?

“Our children will suffer; I mean the whole country will suffer and our future generations will suffer.

“Changes have hit our country nowadays, and we have to work as hard as we can.

“Life is not that easy, we need to push our children to use whatever talents they have whether it’s education, art, sports, I mean whatever, at least those talents will lead them to the right path in the future.

“So, we have to use whatever we have now, to develop and support our families,” he said

Lafaele added parents should encourage their children to attend school.

“Our children need to be smart; life isn’t easy anymore, if they fail today while we (parents) are still alive, no one will be there for them tomorrow.

“They also have to obey while they still have us, they need to work hard, and they need to understand that they’re the future of families and this country.”

Lafaele works at one of the companies in Si’usega.

“Nowadays, we all need money to survive and that means we need jobs to survive.

“The fact is most of our people don’t understand the reality that we’re living now, but we also have to use our common sense to figure out what life has waiting for us and our children in the future.

“Leading by example for our children is another way to push them forward to do well in school,” he said.

By Ilia L Likou 21 October 2017, 12:00AM
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