Defamation laws apply to everyone

Dear Editor

Re: Govt’s criminal libel move ‘serious concern’

Just because the Prime Minister does not want the whole country and the whole world to know and bring to light all the corruption under his leadership, that is why all of a sudden he gives credit to the previous administrations: 

“But now I know, the previous Members of Parliament knew what they were doing”. Listen to his explanations: “This is a Christian move to protect the victims who are being defamed. This law is designed as a refuge to people whose names and reputations have been ruined.”

Why didn’t you think about that in 2013 when you abolished the law; I guess now it’s not working for you aye? All your secrets and the corruption are brought to light just because social media is more popular in this day and age, people are free to express their opinions; that is democracy where there is freedom of speech. That did not happen before and you were safe. 

The Prime Minister is worried that the media is exposing his corrupt government and especially those who freely express what they know through social media. 

He himself had called people names and had attacked our media, but I guess ‘the term he uses ‘defamation’ does not apply to him. 

PM said: “I should’ve never abolished this law which caters to protect victims of defamation,” So you Mr. PM should be punished and removed from office because of the way you speak and attack our own people when you do not like what they say.

I can compile documentations of attacks and defamation you had done to our people through the years, does that apply to you?


Mauga Tuioti

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