Advice for the Manu Sevens: Just do it!

Dear Editor,

We hear you S.R.U. by; Sir Tietjens and the Sevens Squad!

Demands from S.R.U. leadership has been answered fairly well by the men in blue when the Manu Samoa Sevens did fairly well at the Singapore Sevens.

Keyword; fairly as in barely.

If greatness is defined by the number of moments with which men and women are defined, surely then Manu Sevens had few moments to be proud of. Glimpses of how deadly they can be, with or without the ball, once they put their minds, bodies and hearts into. 

And mind you, Samoans have been putting their minds, bodies, hearts, money and more too. 

So it is fair to expect a worthy performance when other medal-hauling sports like weightlifting and boxing are given peanuts for their efforts—maybe not peanuts but close to it.

I am relatively impressed with how the young team of Manu Sevens, with few veterans between them, were able to handle the weight of the nation on their backs. Or, maybe the weight of being potentially losing their contracts if they don’t perform according to expectation.

Don’t pay too much attention to what I just said, I’m just a raving fan blabbing nonsensical things or not.

Going back to the men in blues. 

Much positives can be mentioned here: better fitness check, better decision making under pressure check, better ball handling skills check, better player selection/combination check, better ball commitment check, improved mental tenacity check, and consistency uncheck (remains to be seen).

If this was a few years ago, I would be vocally celebrating seeing the improvements in crucial areas of the game, but I learnt my lesson, so a little yippie is enough. 

The last time I celebrated too early I almost filed a divorce against rugby all at once, that is because the Manu Sevens for the past few years is more unpredictable than the weather!

Here is my verdict; the newest Samoa Sevens team has the abilities to beat all teams that they historically been beating, however, they still can’t beat teams that are historically their conquerors in the Sevens!

I am done with could have, would have, should have and the more pathetic excuse of what ifs.

From here on, its Nike time; JUST DO IT!

Possibilities for the men in blue is massive if we are to use their latest performance as the meter stick. But like I said, there is no real reason to celebrate yet on one hand, or be dismayed on the other, only a ton of reasons to be hopeful for!

S.R.U., please continue the pressure on the coaches and the players. 

Coaches and players, overcome mediocrity, create moments to be remembered, and seal your legacy by rising to the occasion every moment you have!

For the past few years, Manu Samoa is synonymous with failure. 

While the rest of us are patiently waiting, and continue to be, for the Manu Sevens to have a successful campaign. Somehow we collectively knew all along that failure is a major ingredient for success as long as it does not become a habit. As great as Muhammad Ali is, without Joe Frazer beating him once, would have probably diminished Ali’s lustre a bit. 

Failure, therefore, is a success only a bit bitter.

Manu Sevens, may your failures in the past will serve as guiding posts to drive every single one of you to your knees with heads held high while conquering the game of Sevens Rugby! 


Ryan Christian Flor Nemes

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