Expensive cost of living a menace

By Ulimasao Fata 11 January 2018, 12:00AM

The key to cope with the daily financial burden is to work together as a family. 

Such is the belief of father of three, Petelo Moli, 67, from the village of Magiagi, while referring to the expensive cost of living in Samoa. 

Mr. Moli says life is already hard for Samoans.

“Life is hard if you think about the cost of living we have here now in Samoa,” he told the Village Voice team yesterday.  

“The prices of products are all increasing and are becoming unaffordable for most people here.”

“For my family, my wife is the only person who works to support our family, and I am out here to work on our plantation for food.”

“For me, this is the only way I know that will help us with the increasing cost of living.”

“We need to work together as a family, if there are some who are employed, those who are not can work the land, in this way we can help support our family.”

In his opinion, cost of living in Samoa has considerably changed compared to the past.

“Back then, you could use $100 for the whole week compared to now, you can only use it for one day given the price of products we have today.”

“Right now it is really hard for any family to consume meat, such as lamb because it’s expensive.”

Mr. Moli adds his two daughter’s overseas at times helps with their family’s financial income.

“For us here, we can survive with whatever we have, especially from what we have here in our plantation.”

“In Samoa we always have our family obligations and that’s when my daughters step in to help us.”

 “We already know how tough life is in Samoa today; the only thing for us to do is to work together with everyone in our families.”

“Money does not only come from working in offices, our land is also a source of income.”

By Ulimasao Fata 11 January 2018, 12:00AM

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