P.M. Tuilaepa and Donald Trump

Dear Editor, 

Re: Forget hardship, struggles and poverty. Just make those babies

I’m sorry for my wrong but is the P.M. of Samoa just as brainless (for lack of a better word) as that other idiot who is now the President of America? 

Sounds like he’s been taking speech lessons from that other guy. 

Seriously, his trumpeting about Samoans making more babies to grow the nation sounds more like an incentive scheme that’s attached to a big funding contract from allied nations to support 3rd world Samoa! 

And who pockets those funds? 

Look around you Samoa, something’s not right with this P.M. and his ‘almost’ compliant request for more babies. Someone needs to ask the P.M. some hard questions about the real reasons for his overbearing and again ‘almost’ creepy request. It’s time for a new P.M. A call for people to rise up and take control of your destiny and your nation.


Tuto’atasi Taoa Sio

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