Your non-Christian beliefs

Dear Editor,


Well Wendy in Wonder, I categorized you with our friend Orlando on the grounds that you are both residing in Samoa and I imagine it is via Marriage, where you are very welcome to our Country. I am also glad to note that you are not a ‘reluctant residence’ hence your constructive comments shared via our forum herewith are more than welcome!.

However your ‘unChristian beliefs’ are not that much welcome now that our current Parliamentary leaders had made it clear in our Nation’s Constitution. Most definitely we do not believe on any tom dick or hairy myths or fairy tales but of the Living God! 

The one whom loved us first why he created us to LOVE even you whom are proudly claiming your ‘unchristian’ understanding for most certainly you were not born out of ‘nothing’ as your limited Evolution theory but of your parents LOVE.

I was kind of happy thinking to myself that you want to meet up with me but re-reading your position saddens me for it was not me that you wished but of our ‘Loyal Faiava’ friend Orlando, hehehe. Which reminds me of how Prof. John Lennox explains onto Prof. Stephen Hawkings the necessity of Christ Jesus the son of God becoming man. Because of the similar urge you had of Mr. Huaman –the great mind, perhaps he could be close to Mr. Hawkings?

Anyhow, appreciate your genuine compliment where it certainly proves Mr. John and Vai Autu “gobbledygook” reference of my writing language wrong for you do understand my message. And would not mind our paths crossed one day should you wish to understand more of such truth I am talking about.


Molio’o F.M.M.M.L. Pio Molio’o

Country Manager - Samoa

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