Give Alatasi Tupou a chance

Dear Editor


Since the Attorney General’s Office announcement that they are appealing the decision against Alatasi Tupou, it has taken me that long to assimilate the crime, and the adverse complexity of the appeal for the future of this son of Samoa who has been making a name for Samoa on the rugby fields around the world.

I am baffled why Mr. Attorney General had failed to read between the blurred lines the essence of the Judge’s rulings; his service for Samoa and his career would dearly be affected with a conviction.

His rugby feeds the same woman being the victim, and of course many other mouths that rely on Mr. Alatasi Tupou as a career rugby player.

Once convicted, Tupou will not be allowed to enter many countries in the world and that so is the mitigating factor and the astute catalyst of the wise judgment.

There have been so many times in Australia and New Zealand an aspiring student or sports people who were in the same situation as Mr. Alatasi Tupou would have gotten a judgment leniency.

I cannot see the benefit to anyone let it be to those involved and or for the good of democracy this appeal would serve other than Mr. Attorney General slamming the dagger through the veins and arteries just to make himself happy.

Invariably Mr. Attorney General, the model of humility is the ascension of the affinity sly that one day would have come back to haunt one’s memory.

He is no career criminal. He is just human like you and I. We are prone to make mistakes. Keep in mind Mr. Attorney General, Mr. Alatasi Tupou is doing more good for Samoa than bad.

With my utmost respect.


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood 


Samoa Observer

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