Churches depend on people’s donations

Dear Editor 

Re: Church launches Social Welfare and Book Shop

At this point Wendy, any form of ‘giving’ by any Church denomination should be viewed as charity. In this case whether this particular denomination is giving to their followers or general public, I still feel that they’re at least acknowledging the issue of poverty in Samoa.

It’s a great start and let’s hope that they don’t overlook a poor family because of different beliefs.

I agree that there’s an issue here with the use of the term “social welfare” by this article. I think the scope of this initiative will be limited because of financial constraints and lack of resources and will be an unnecessary burden on any church institution.

That’s why it’s better to describe this particular denominations new initiative as ‘charity’ but that’s just my own opinion. Churches themselves (as we all know) depend largely on donations to fund their operations and we also know that these churches have accumulated funds. In the context of the Bible there is no reason for any Christian Church to do this when there are poor people in need and suffering.

That’s what I meant by “purpose and responsibility” God of Christians doesn’t dwell in a Church. He lives in our hearts if we acknowledge him even if we live in a cave or a barn, he will still hear us if we invite the Lord with pure hearts.

If I’m a layman and I can understand that, then why not Church leaders who were trained at theological colleges and should understand the meaning of Christianity? So million dollar churches, how did they get that money?

Well it’s a stupid question anyway but my point is that the churches put financial burden on families to build magnificent structures that have no meaning or bearing in the life of anyone.

These million-dollar buildings have no value also in the sense that they cannot be used as an emergency shelter in times of extreme hardship and therefore they are a senseless waste of money and it negates and contradicts the true purpose of Christianity. 

Helping the poor with any form of charity and giving justice to the oppressed, is the meaning of Christianity.

Le Mafa P

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