A nation oppressed by its government

Dear Editor,

We can clearly see the mission of the PM and his HRPP Party and that is to have total control of everything in Samoa (Sports, Police, Tourism, Justice System, Village system, Land ownership systems, Tax Haven, Gambling, Money, etc). 

The latest move by the PM is to make it law for Religion (Christianity) to be put under his control in the form of government Act or Law. 

This Power Hungry PM and his H.R.P.P Party are not satisfied with their controls at the moment - they want to control everything in Samoa - yes, everything that involves a human being or Samoan soul. 

There is no individual freedom left in Samoa. 

Everyone in Samoa is “nearly” under the control of the PM and his H.R.P.P Party. 

That is why no one can run a successful business in Samoa free of the government - unless you are related to the PM or someone in the HRPP Party you won’t be successful.

Samoa Observer is one of the last places where Free Samoans can give a different opinion or have their voice heard. 

The only way you can be totally free from the government of Samoa is when you leave Samoa. 

Samoa has become a very scary place to visit or live just like those horror movies where a foreigner/visitor enters this town and everyone seems friendly but as the movie plays along everyone in the town is connected and are into something together.

Everyone in that town will suck your blood (money) dry until you are absolutely dead broke then you are kicked out of the town (this is a little bit better than your life being put out).

The only other institution that is in competition to the government in having total control of your soul is the religious institutions. If you are able not to go to church at all on any Sunday and not feel guilty about it then you are totally free from your church....

Here are some suggestions for your new years resolution.

• Freedom from Government. 

• Freedom from Work.

• Freedom from Church. 

• Freedom from Village. 

• Freedom from Friends.

• Freedom from Family.

• Be One with God through Christ.

Happy New Year!


Keith Alderson

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