A lesson from history

Dear Editor,

Ever since history was recorded by historians, there was always a broad manipulation of history as we can remember from as far as from antiquity till now. 

The culprits of this madness were the usual suspects, the elites who represented the Church and State who were the ruling class in any epoch of history.

But when the tables are turned against them now that we have honest alternative media that is reporting the real story, the main stream media and their minions are now caught flat footed and are blaming the alternative media for reporting false information.

Prime example of this was the last US election when the whole main stream media were in the pockets of Hilary Clinton. Interestingly, their propaganda didn’t work anymore this time because people are well informed of what’s really happening on the ground vs what they are reporting from their news network.

Now that Trump has won the election, the liberals and their Socialist One World Order agenda are now capitulating and are incomprehensibly running scared passing new laws to put these alternative media out of commission because it’s becoming very clear that the masses are awakening and it’s too dangerous for the ruling class to know when people are well informed. It will be like the emergence of “pitched forks” in the French Revolution all over again.

Their puppet master Obama has to blame the Russians for hacking in the election giving Trump the upper hand has no merit what so ever at the expense of their “hand picked” candidate that survived every scandalous issues she was facing because the whole establishment in both parties were supporting her. It’s a very important time to be alive for such awakening to happen that would change the course of history.

If only our Samoan people can connect the dots of what’s happening around the world and us are synonymous, we can be able to have much influence of what’s happening in our country as well. 

The ruling elites of Samoa created by the same Socialist movement around the world through over zealous monetizing developments we can’t afford, have the same fingerprints on political and economic disaster we are facing.

So it’s quite obvious that we as Samoans should stay informed of what’s happening around the world because it’s not a small world like we used to know.


Leituala Roger B

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