Look on the bright side folks!

Dear Editor,

Newton’s third law of motion is: for every action there’s an equal an opposite reaction. 

In Samoa the necessity of fast internet is needed and that’s a problem. 

A tentative solution is if Prime Minister Tuilaepa will close Matautu Wharf for the installation of the Tui Samoa Internet Cable. 

Doesn’t that bring more problems to importers and people whose livelihoods depend on the opening of the wharf? 

It’s possible that a closure of Matautu wharf from August till October will cause an economic disaster or a chance at Samoa being self sustained.

Any solutions for Samoa Ports Authority or Tui Samoa? 

Any ideas people might have for Prime minister Tuilaepa? 

Here are five possible solutions, I thought of: 

1. Tui Samoa rebuilds the wharf but leaves an open area for importers to still be able to import 

2. Importers are scheduled for a limited time while Tui Samoa works 

3. Allocated storage spaces for containers to keep food stored 

4. Importers get surplus amount of supplies between the months of May-July 

5. No imports means Samoa has to be self sustained by it’s own land, food and no petroleum for three months. 

I don’t undermine the resilience of Samoa. 

After all, Samoa has survived famine, plagues, yellow fever, and even German colonization. 

The point is, Samoa can thrive without petroleum by riding horses. Everybody can walk; ride a bike or roller skate without petroleum. 

Look on the bright side, without petroleum polluting the air for three months we could be a cleaner Samoa. 

What about food? The ocean has fish, the land grows fa’ī, and some of you got free range chickens. 

If Matautu Wharf gets shut down as an action there’s definitely going to be a equal an opposite reaction. 

A good plan today is better than a great plan in August.

What do we do about it? 


Michael Uhila

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