Enjoying the spoils of their labour

Dear Editor,

Re: Tagi A. Mativa, why don’t you try living with him?

ORK, let's just calm down. I will try and reason per point raised.

ORK: "Only to find he escapes the highest security prison to terrorise more innocent people again and oh..."

Tagi: It is clear you have never met or smelled Tafaigata prison nor do you currently living in the country. FYI, It is not a prison, it is more like a village for the criminally insane Samoans. 

They stay inside for sometime, then come outside to work on the plantations which is not surrounded by highly secured walls with towers hovering with snipers eyeing the yard population with semi-automatic rifles. 

It is not "the highest security prison" as you have passionately purported, certainly not Pelican Bay State Prison, a US supermax, HAHA. Can you sense the overblown context in the air?

ORK: "Perhaps NZ thought some Samoans were criminals as they were behaving like them, and now see how Samoa is run? Which government would you trust to treat the citizens fairly and give them freedom of choice or keep them safe from criminals?”

Tagi: Now, there is a whole new level of discussion we could get into about this, but let me frame my reply in this manner. 

Samoans were better off, did not know or care about candies and what it tasted like, did not care what a white person looked like, didn't care what money smelled like, the outside world intruded and s**t all over the sacred indigenous peoples of this land, brained washed them, enslaved and poisoned them with high-powered technologies and a life away from our norms was promised in NZ. When our ancestors fought back trying to gain independence in the 60's from foreign powers they were exiled to NZ. 

Now, people started thinking oh, wait a minute, they were promising all these nice things in NZ, all they needed to do was work for them in the white man's factories and they will pay them money, yes, lots of money. They could then buy cars, live in a European house and have other nice things. Some of those joys were met with harsh conditions based on fear and misunderstanding in the dawn of the dawn raid. 

Guess what, and while the Samoans were enjoying the spoils of their hard labor in the land of milk and honey (so they claimed), they were now rounded up like dogs and forced to leave behind what they worked so hard for and were forced back to a land they have forgotten how to live on. 

And then left to fend for themselves with this whole new wave of deceptive governing idealism and change called economic growth-what a choke. Now, in your self-righteous misconception who do you think are the real criminals here? You talk about rape and s**t when our people were raped and shot and killed and dragged like dogs and no one gave a damp or lift an eye lid-still no one does today, even our own people-NZ is untouchable, the United Nation cannot do nothing to make these people pay for the damage they did to us and you think some small-minded criminals act matters. 

You dare point your filthy sausage finger at us; you and the people you represent are the real criminals. So there, one escaped prisoner's rights means nothing just like the lot of us Samoans who did nothing wrong many years ago, you think we forget, nah. You see the thing about life is, what goes around, comes around and it hurts like hell, ain't it. If you are a Samoan, shame on you!


Tagi A. Mativa 

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