“Use It or Lose It”

Think a minute…Have you ever owned something quite valuable and useful, yet you ended up not using it much? There’s a story about a preacher who was talking with the owner of a factory that made soap. The soap maker said to the preacher: “This message about Jesus Christ that you preach cannot be very good, because there are still many bad people around.” The preacher saw a child nearby covered with dirt. So he said to the soap maker: “Your soap cannot be very good, because there are still a lot of dirty people.” The soap maker replied: “Well, my soap can only clean when a person uses it!” The preacher said: “Yes, you’re right. It’s the same way with the Bible and Message about Jesus Christ.”

You see, just like soap is not worth having if we don’t actually use it, it’s the same with the Message about Jesus Christ and new life He gives us who ask Him. Unless we then live it every day, it’s useless to us. The Bible is our Maker’s manual to show us how to live the right, successful way He designed it to work. So we not only must read and understand Jesus’ Message every day, we must follow it every day to start changing and living the satisfying life He plans for us to enjoy.

Jesus said that even if we go to church, give money, and pray, but in our heart we’ve not started changing and becoming more like Him in our character, then we don’t really belong to Him and have His new life. For example, if we’re not honest, or we won’t obey Jesus’ command to forgive people who have wronged and hurt us, then we’re proving we do not truly know Him personally and have a relationship with Him.

So if Jesus’ written Manual for our life is not His living Message in our life, then we’re completely wasting the Bible and making it useless to us. So why not start actually using and living the new life Jesus died to give you. Everyday read and obey His Message to you, so you can know that you have His eternal life. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it—forever. Just Think a Minute…

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