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Dear Editor,

Re: Barbaric behavior bad for Samoa editorial

You ask where the leaders are? The government and any quasi government official and their families, are driving around in tax paid fancy cars, to fancy hotels for meetings, to eat fancy tax paid dinners. 

The church pastors are in MacDonald’s with their equally big wives eating MacDonald’s french fries and burgers with the money they collected from the poor. After which they will they return to their homes paid for by the poor, to eat more food paid for by the poor, then they will praise the Lord for being so good to them and go to sleep to rest up for the next sermon where they will scare the poor desperate people into believing God will love them and take care of them if they pay their dues to the church. 

The village leaders are eating their boxes of chicken that they were given to ensure the H.R.P.P get another unopposed five years, so the P.M. has more time to sell or lease the lands of the poor Samoan people to a capitalistic system that will only take care of him, the elite, and the churches, who all helped the capitalists acquire the lands from the poor Samoan people in the first place. 

The poor Samoan people then resort to violence and terror to get a piece of the pie because all the social safety nets that were once in place for them through the Aiga and faasamoa are now gone. 

And here is another thought, I was listening to a woman who just wrote a book on alcoholism and addiction and interestingly she argues, which is a new argument, that alcoholism and addiction are socio economic diseases which are affecting the poor more often than the more affluent. 

She claims there are many more addicts from poor environments than from wealthier environments. She is suggesting that the more painful your existence because of poverty, and abuse, or negative experience, the more likely you are to abuse drugs and alcohol. 

She is arguing that to address poverty in a society is a win, win for everyone to have a healthy society because there will be less addiction, thus less crime. This theory would certainly be interesting to explore in Samoa.

God bless Samoa, the Bastian of Christianity, the Pearl of the Pacific, and paradise that was founded on God!


Wendy Wonder

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