Gentle Samoans divine in tourists’ eyes

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 28 July 2017, 12:00AM

The Shackleton family know what they want. 

After arriving in Samoa last weekend, John and Shelley were straight off the plane and onto the ferry to Savai’i to begin the first part of their holiday.

They stayed at the Savai’i Lagoon Resort for the first four nights. 

They told the Samoa Observer that they had heard that Sinalei Resort was one of the top resorts here in Samoa and wanted to save it for the last part of their trip.

However they discovered that the Savai’i Lagoon Resort was equally as fabulous, Shelley said 

“Well we had heard that Sinalei was one of the top resorts so we wanted to save the best for last but in  Savai’i at the Savaii Lagoon we had a fabulous time staying there,” she said. 

“We really loved it. It was John’s birthday on Monday and they really went out of their way to celebrate his birthday and we had a big party with all the staff and other guests.”

 Shelley laughed while John added: “Yes we were all busting out moves with the staff, we had a great time.”

Shelley said she couldn’t say enough about Samoa.

 “We just love it. It is absolutely beautiful  - the people are just divine. Gentle souls, they smile all the time and couldn’t do enough for you its just wonderful and we feel so relaxed.”

They told the Samoa Observer that they headed here to Samoa on the recommendations of their friends. 

“Many of our friends have been here several times and they raved about it,” said Shelley.

Being from Auckland where there is a large Samoan population, both John and Shelley said it was great to be able to come here and see where their Samoan colleagues originate from. 

 “ I work with a lot of Samoans and they are all jealous of me coming back to their homeland, make sure you take pictures of Savaii some of them said to me,” John said.

For the rest of their trip the couple plan to cruise around Upolu. 

“We plan to spend the next five days getting around to the rest of Upolu, we would have started today but our rental car is not available till tomorrow. But today is just about getting around town. John and Shelley are looking forward to testing out the local restaurants.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 28 July 2017, 12:00AM
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