Why you’re wrong

Re: Enlightening Samoa 

You’re wrong again about Christianity Wendy! 

Christian Faith has Great Good News for Life on Earth and Life Beyond Death. And it’s a Promise and Invitation for Everyone. 

It seems you know some Science but you must know how the misguided and narrow-minded Science of the Enlightenment has since the middle of last Century acknowledged the Eternal Truth of the Bible and the Christian Faith, especially in the Belief in God as Creator of Heaven and Earth, and the related Belief that follows necessarily that Life had a Beginning. 

And having a beginning in the purpose of a Loving Creator, the purpose and end of Life are also found in the Purpose of the Creator. 

The Christian Bible properly understood is the Grand Story of the Creator’s Holy and Loving Purpose for All LIFE and ALL CREATION.

 And the Story continues powerfully and lovingly in our Times inviting Everyone and Everything to take part! 

It’s a whole lot better and more interesting and full of Promise and Hope than I can ever hope to tell it. 

But everyone is invited to know it for themselves. Christians are trying to be part of such Grand Story and they often make a poor show of it, but they persevere because it’s the Salvation Story for the world and the whole Created Universe !! How’s that Wendy? I’m very serious and most sincere. 

As for Leituala Brunt, malo Leituala, we definitely understand the Bible differently. How Christian are you really? 

Because like most Professions in Life you need a proper commitment to study, understand, and live the Total Requirement of the Christian Faith to really know the Christian Faith, and especially it’s Biblical Foundation. Understanding the Bible properly involves far, far more than seeing it as a Classic of Great Literature, if that is your sense of Literary Sense. 

The Christ Within can be the greatest distortion if also bordering on Heresy if it’s not properly understood thoroughly in it’s Biblical contextual foundation, and in relation to the Christian Faith in the Triune God of Love. I’m very serious and most sincere my friend. Blessings.


Danny Ioka 

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