Your biggest bank account

Think a minute…Imagine every morning that somebody put $86,400 in your bank account; then every night, whatever you did not spend that day was taken out of your account and burned.

I’m quite certain you would spend every cent of your $86,400 every single day—so none of it is thrown away and destroyed!     

Believe it or not, you actually own a bank account exactly like that one. But yours is filled with something far more valuable than money: time.

When you run out of time, you run out of life. You either use it or lose it. Every morning your time bank gives you 86,400 seconds. Then every night, the time that you did not use that day is lost forever.

“Lost time is never found.” That is why we must learn to spend our time on the right, best things. Remember: “If you kill time, it’s suicide—because time is the stuff your life is made of.” 

This is why we must stop getting ripped off by the trivial, temporary things we spend so much of our time on. We pay a lot and only get a little. So what are the smartest, best deals worth your time and life? 

The smartest, and safest, investment of your time is to spend it with the Person who gives you every second of your life. God created you so He could share His awesome life with you.

He even came to show you what He is like, and the successful, satisfying way of living He designed you to enjoy. So the more time you spend with Jesus, the better you will know how to live well and wisely.

In fact, He guarantees that if you spend your 86,400 seconds each day on living for Him, then when you run out of time, you will be an extremely wealthy person in His eternal economy. 

The other smart investment of our time is people. At the end of your life, you will never be sorry for the time you spent with your children, your wife or husband, your brothers and sisters, parents, and good friends.

Furthermore, you will never regret the time you spent helping others around you—including your neighbors, fellow workers, and strangers. Giving your time to people only makes you richer, since the return on your investment just keeps growing.  

Thankfully, as long as we are still breathing, it’s never too late to change! So won’t you get started today? Sincerely ask Jesus to forgive you, and then help you start wisely using the time you still have left by living His way every minute of every day.

His way is the only way you can have the certain and complete security of His everlasting life the moment you run out of time. Just think a minute…

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