What might work for Samoa

Dear Editor,

About Samoa’s negotiations with Fiji, I would suggest to make a bold move and Invest in a new business infrastructure by hiring people with the know how to restart the Polynesian Airlines brand. 

I know there’s a lot of money involved that is needed to start from the ground up. Here’s a suggestion.

Have a public offering of stocks to the public who want to be part of this investment vehicle. Have a credible brokerage house to under write the public offerings and secure at least 25 to 50 million in the first round of funding. 

Go big on this one; you have leveraged out by building the new airport and a lot of hotels only to be serviced by other airlines. Why not us reaping the reward instead?

We should have lined up our ducts much earlier to capitalize on Samoa as an emerging market already. The banks have poured in a lot of money because they know it’s a lucrative opportunity for them to get a return of their investments back.

There is no turning back now since you went all in with our resources to get where we’re at. You might think I’m only a critic, but also when I see something that will be beneficial for our people to provide jobs, I will support it. But we must be sure to maintain balance between our customary interest and our business interest.

The business cycle is ripe from the ground up to take a bold move to build a new chapter in Samoa’s history. In every opportunity, the best time to invest in any way shape or form is when the season is in “spring.” Samoa economically is in springtime where growth is starting to “pud up.”

The Astrological signs I’ve been talking about often is universal mind thinking. That is applicable in business, in our personal lives and most of all our spiritual intellect to have a clear understanding by gauging the heavens for some guidance.


Leituala Roger B.

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