Before Slipping

By Joycemarielila Toafa 01 May 2017, 12:00AM

We all make mistakes. However in some situations it can be recognized as a different case. Why? Because before we even made them, we were afforded with a choice.

One which we knew the consequences but still took the chance of exploring because of curiosity.

[No wonder why they say-“Curiosity killed the cat”] Scrolling through sources for my research during this week, I came across a headline; “Samoa rates 2nd highest in teenage pregnancy”. It’s not a surprise though but rather an issue of disappointment. 

 Growing up in a Samoan family, I didn’t need a manual on how to live life because I had my mother.

When we say mother in our society it symbolizes something, right? They stand like directors in movies or more like posters with a bolded “Warning” on top.

Personally I’d say that they are experts in life because they know when you’re lying, they can easily tell that you’re about to lie and apparently they are granted the special ability to read minds and actions.

Well maybe my mother is different from yours then; nevertheless I’m sure we can agree on one thing that they have in common.

I guess you can say that they emphasize on one thing whenever they’re talking to us [girls], “The evils of men”.

I’m sure you’ve heard more than you like and trust me; I don’t blame you, then again they didn’t say “Mothers knows best” for no reason.

Yes! They may exaggerate at some point but they don’t mean any harm rather they just want the best.

“E valuvalusia aa o le la’au” something that I know they do best because it’s better to constantly  nag and remind you rather than a Samoan muagagana that says-“Ua toe tagi fua Vi ua I le vaa o Eneli”. 

Choices comes in a package because it can either take you places or tie you down when you’ve got opportunities knocking on the door. It can add flavor into your drawn future or dim the light to the path you deserve. 

Just like the belief of magic- “It comes with a price”- Choices comes with consequences. The only difference is that; the price you pay when using magic can never turn into something good while on the other hand; the consequence of your choice depends on what you choose.

In our society, we have the advantage because we have mentors to guide us through. Candidates who’ve been through life before and are aware of which alternative gives the most benefit.

Our mothers for example, she doesn’t just warn you about men because she feels like it; it’s because she was in your shoes before. She was a young lady before she became your mother. However, with this advantage it actually depends on the choice of whether to make the most out of it or to play the blind man in the game. 

Teenage pregnancy falls more on the negative side rather than the positive. Yes! A new life is granted but is it the right time? Are you physically and mentally prepared?

Have you scored the board of providing for the infant’s needs? Are the chances of poverty fully tossed out of the window? And are you fully satisfied with the taste of your dreams?

These are all the questions that comes into mind. My sister; rather than giving in to your desire; try the possibility of living in something bigger.

Before you even make a choice, think of the load that comes with it. Give yourself the opportunity to explore the world first and what it has to offer before narrowing your horizons.

Because if you ask me; Why? I’d say, men come and go, offers and promises fades into time and all you’ll be left with is yourself. 

That’s why you build you first because you owe yourself that much. 

By Joycemarielila Toafa 01 May 2017, 12:00AM

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