A beautiful reminder about the real Samoa

Dear Editor,

Re: Govt. should pay pastors instead 

This is essential Reading for a proper understanding and assessment of the E.F.K.S resolute rejection of the Government Tax Law for Church Ministers. 

I sincerely hope the Government has the Wisdom to reconsider such Law. Nothing in Samoa is ever too late to change for a better prospect, if People honour God more than their worship of Political Correctness and the thin and exaggerated Promise of mere worldly Progress. 

Rev A. Tielu is speaking part of the Noble, Historic and Foundational Truth of Modern Samoa to Modern Samoan Politics. 

And it is Truth coming from the Living Foundations of Modern Samoa in Churches and in Samoan Culture at large. 

This is a very good reminder for Samoan Leadership in all areas of Samoan Society to slow down, and to understand properly the true life-giving, and life-nurturing Cultural and Christian Traditions of Modern Samoa. 

Samoan Politics must know its boundaries and limits in Samoan Society, and serve accordingly. 

This should help define Priorities and consequently manageable developments. Leave Samoan Culture and the Samoan Christian Church to continue their traditional Roles and Contributions which are much much more than monetary benefits, and worth a lot lot more for the Socio-Economic- Political Life and Development of the Country. 

For some things in Life, Small is Beautiful. Only God has the Wisdom for the Not-So-Small. Wisdom is learning to think after God. Slow down, and we are able to do this well. 

Thanks Rev A. Tielu for a timely reminder for modern Samoans and for non-Samoans wishing to understand. God Bless our Beloved Samoa.


Danny Ioka 

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