It doesn’t work

Re: Parker responds and debt 

Kevin Barry’s fight plans are supposedly designed to get inside the longer reach of usually taller opponents but have we ever seen that?

Parker has usually been too passive although he did try to get inside the outer defenses of Whyte and Joshua’s reach. 

It seemed to work against Whyte a little bit but met a brick wall against Joshua.

So Kevin Barry needs to come up with more innovation in his fight plans to get around the problem of longer reaches. 

At the moment, all anyone like Joshua will do is control the centre of the ring, keep Parker at bay with jabs using his longer reach to perfection winning easy points off him. 

Barry couldn’t do it with Tua and he is showing again that he cannot do it with Parker.

On the issue of debt, well said P.M. 

You stand strong against the imbeciles who must think the roads, the hospitals, the water pipes, the power stations, the airport all fall from the sky.

Developing countries must borrow money to develop. Economic growth doesn’t just happen out of nowhere.

And when some of the highest income earners (the faifeaus) in the country haven’t paid any income tax all this time, it’s no wonder why Samoa must borrow from development banks and donor partners.


Petelo Suaniu 

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