Getting in focus

Think a minute…Ever feel like you are running in all directions but ‘getting nowhere fast’?  After working long, hard days you still feel like you’ve got little to show for it. It is easy to ‘major on minors’ and spend our time on so many unimportant things that our life becomes a game of ‘trivial pursuit’.

I recently read a story about a young mother of two. Both she and her husband had promising careers, often working overtime to climb the ladder of success. But then she had a complete breakdown and nearly died. While she was in the hospital her doctor told her she had two choices: she could change her lifestyle or she could continue overworking herself into an early grave. She decided that no career or amount of money was worth dying for and leaving her children without a mother. Wisely, she changed her priorities, values, and way of living. 

Someone said: “It is not overwork but meaningless ’busy work’ that wears us down and steals our happiness.” In other words, if we do not have a clear purpose and focus in our life, we end up running in circles trying to do everything yet accomplishing little that is important and lasting. 

Light that is spread out over too large of an area has little brightness and impact. But if that same light’s energy is focused with a magnifying glass it can set paper on fire. In fact, if you focus that light into a laser beam, it can actually cut through steel! We must focus our time and energy so we do not spread ourselves too thin, but rather make our life count by making a difference in other people’s lives.

Remember, activity does not always mean achievement. Are you busy about your own business or your Father’s business? What is your life’s purpose? Jesus came to show us why He put us here on earth and how to live for what counts.

Won’t you ask Him today to take charge of your heart and way of living? He will help you start building success and satisfaction that lasts by getting your life in focus on what it is all about—both now and forever. Just think a minute…

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