Developments of today and colonialism

Dear Editor,

Yes, lets welcome our guests in the true spirit of a Samoan guest in acknowledging their arrival in our small land called home.

I’ve been saying things about the great deception of the West on a few of my latest writings and the truth of the matter is I am too busy with work to write a full compilation of events in one go so I’ll make an attempt to break it down in little pieces that fits our forum here in this column.

In the revelations of prophet Daniel in scripture, Daniel was ask to interpret the dream of the great king Nebuchadnezzar. No need to research this, it’s in the bible. The statue in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar was that with the head of Gold, the chest made of silver, the waist of brass/ copper, the legs of iron and the feet of cast iron and clay.

This was the same dream given to Daniel later on in the story of the the four beasts. The bible refers to beasts as kingdoms on earth build with the knowledge of man or humans. The Head of Gold represents Nebuchadnezzar himself and the kingdom of the Babylonians. They are gone.

The chest was made of silver represents the Medes and Mesopotamian empire under the rule of King Cyrus and later his uncle King Tarius. They are gone.

The third is kingdom represented by the waist of Brass or copper were the Creek empire under the leadership of the great General of war, Alexander the Great. He’s gone.

The forth represented by the legs of iron was the Roman Empire. Rome is well known in it’s military conquests with it’s iron chariots. They are gone too in the ancient text, but not really gone in the prophetic text.

This is the iron that is mixed with clay in the feet of the statue which is today’s Roman Empire or the Western civilization. All roads leads to Rome from here on, and what is in Rome,.....the Catholic church. 

Note that Rome was never under a great king of war as with other previous empires because it was a mindset.

Starting to see the picture now?

Important to note in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar that the Rock from heaven strikes the feet of the statue and was broken to pieces and swept away in the wind and became nothing. Who or what is this Rock from heaven?

Jesus is often referred to in the writings of King David in the book of Psalms as the Rock of our salvation, or the writing of the apostle Paul as the Rock the builder rejected became the corner stone of the temple of God which is our hearts. The foundation of our faith which he appoints us, his brothers, as the custodians of...”upon this Rock I will establish my church and the gates of hell will not prevail”

Later in the story, Daniel had the same dream in text but with a different pictorial context of the four beasts or kingdoms.

We know in history there is no known event of a rock from heaven striking a kingdom as we’ve seen with Sodom and Gomorrah, so it’s safe to assume that this Rock is in the prophetic context.

Interesting to find out what was said regarding the feet of cast iron and clay. This kingdom has 10 horns and a little one that came out from the midst of it. The little one has eyes of a human and spake boastfully or deceivingly.

In other words, lies and deception. Nothing here about Islam as we are lead to believe.

The little horn that came out of the 10 horns is the antichrist. So the antichrist is a product of the 10 horns which is the Roman empire or at least the revived Roman empire or the western civilization as we know it of today. We all point the fingers at the Muslims as the enemy of our faith and the enemy Jesus Christ, when all along it’s the very system that educated us as we’ve seen with our lady lawyer.

Note what it says about the 10 kingdoms or the 10 horns. They oppressed the holy people and set laws (human laws) to govern them.

As I’d said of our lady lawyer friend, human laws are a derivative of a satanical Roman empire which is of Lies and Deception in the biblical context. The very popular saying in the legal arena is...’it’s not about right and wrong but about what’s legal and not legal’, translation; God doesn’t have a saying, it’s the lawyers that decides the fate of man.

The absence of truth or the absence of right and wrong is the same as the absence of God.

Ironically, the Muslims still to this day leave their lives according to the law of right and wrong and we the educated westerners live our lives in the Roman or human laws. I am saying to us Christians, be careful when we judge the Muslims, for in the words of John the baptist, ‘God can make sons of Abraham from these stone’.

We know that there are no 10 kingdoms of the Roman empire today, but in the past there were. History told us that the first pope of the catholic church, Pope Leo made a peace pact with the barbarians, namely Attila the Hun, to end wars between Rome and the barbarians or northern Europe to Asia, at the time. After which pope Leo divided the territory of Rome into 10 kingdoms or empires to easily manage it with him, the pope in the center of it all. It didn’t work then and it will never work , why because iron and sand will never adhere to each other.

Rome doesn’t have 10 kingdoms now so prophetically the idea of these 10 kingdoms is the final plan of these globalist that are inciting war because the best way to re-start or to own civilization is a global atomic war.

Donald Trump’s hand is not in this war. It’s all the doings of the Deep State or the globalist who’s sole intention is to own and control.

This is the same mind set that we’re seen now with Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia in their attitudes towards us in re-starting our own airline. There is a connection here.

New Zealand and Australia are derivatives of the British empire with a western mind set. The connection is this spirit of dominance or to overpower and own. This is the western way of thinking. Power comes from the accumulation of wealth. This is the mind set behind slavery as we know of in the past. It drives the feel of power when you own and control subjects.

Starting to get the picture of where our land rights fits in?

A few months ago when our Airline officially made known its intention to fly international again, Virgin Australia, whom was deeply hurt by us breaking away from been subjects of slavery, made known it’s intentions to increase seat capacity to Samoa by another 881 seats, didn’t quite got the figure whether ‘twas per week or per month. Why wasn’t it a good idea then, when PAL was under their control?

Simple. To them we’re peasants. Dumb stupid coconuts whom are too simple and ignorance to make our own decisions. The spirit or the culture of dominance and control.

Air New Zealand on the other hand always send across their small 320 airbus aircraft to Samoa with the occasional wide body aircraft to supplement in peak season. All of a sudden lately, they are firing their wide bodies over. A clear trend shown through history with this western spirit of dominance, to own and over power. Our PM Tuilaepa upon hearing the Virgin announcement went on to say ‘not if I have a saying in it’, and rightly so to protect our investment in PAL. A leveled playing field.


All of a sudden just last week we have a reversal of fortunes. Now our PM is saying that Virgin’s plan to increase capacity to Samoa is good for the Samoan people. Why the sudden change of heart?

Simple again. He’s been told off like a peasant by a very strong Roman empire, in NZ and Australia. These are the people that controls merchant ships from coming here, controlled the financial establishments and we need loans to finance PAL, our new prison, to keep the country afloat from years of financial abuses within. 

They’re putting the squeeze on us. Wait till the Chinese and the Europeans starts squeezing, feces will be popping off our ears and nostrils that we will not survive.

All has a connection to Rome in the prophetic or the spiritual mindset. The enemy of humanity and God, is the knowledge or the love of the world and it’s offerings, hence the very saying of the great American philosopher, George Bernard Shaw, ‘the greatest mistake of humanity is education’.

Folks, I’ll live it here for now. I hope I can finish it off next time with a good conclusion and the answer to it all as we’ve seen from the prophesies of Daniel.

So long.


Steve R.

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