Why the P.M. is right about family planning

Dear Editor, 

Re: P.M. blasts family planning

I think it’s a really good idea by the P.M. for every family to have at least 10 kids. It’s just what Samoa needs, more beggars and street vendors! This just shows how out of touch the P.M. is not only with women’s issues but with the reality of everyday life in Samoa. 

It’s not selfish to live within your means and have only as many children as you can afford to raise. What is selfish is to have neglected children that you can’t properly feed or educate just so there’s someone to look after you when you get old. It’s this type of thinking that’s created the massive slums in India and the extreme poverty in West Africa.

It must break the P.M’s heart to see his ‘children’ leaving his paradise as soon as they can get a ticket and visa. So what’s causing this continuous exodus? As mentioned by Le Mafa P, it’s jobs and the hope of a better future for your family. This has been going on in every town and country since the beginning of time and as all these families know it’s anything but selfish. To leave your parents, friends and in many cases your land and culture is a very painful decision. 

This exodus will continue until the systemic corruption that’s choking the economy is cleaned up and money is directed into job creation instead of useless projects that just make the elite rich. 

But whether the population grows or declines through childbirth and emigration at least the P.M. can take comfort in knowing that for every Samoan that leaves the country there’s two Chinese willing to take their place.


Pika T

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