Shortcuts to Paradise

Think a minute…A man walked into a bar for a drink and said: “Bartender, I’m in trouble, so make it a double!”  Many of us struggle with painful, real problems:  no money, no job, unwanted pregnancies, family violence, unhappy marriages.

Many of us are truly desperate, looking for shortcuts to our own paradise! 

And there are plenty of shortcuts to paradise out there:  alcohol, drugs, sex outside of marriage. So we get drunk or “high” and numb our brains with drugs, or find cheap sex to try to forget our problems for a couple of hours.

And even though we know that these quick escapes destroy our own body and family, or cause us to lose our job, we keep doing them.

The simple fact of life is that there are no shortcuts to paradise.

So when you take that cheap substitute for paradise in that bottle or drug, or have sex with that someone who’s not your wife or husband, you’re walking into a dangerous trap from which you may never get free.

It may feel good for a short time, but it will eventually drain and rob you of everything you have, little by little, day by day. Until you finally realize that your paradise has actually turned your life into the worst nightmare.

So do you want a “high” or “buzz” that never runs out? A “fix” that doesn’t steal your life, but instead gives you the satisfying one you’ve always wanted. It’s the right and only cure for your marriage and money problems, and best of all it’s free! 

If right now you’ll sincerely ask Jesus Christ to forgive you for your wrong living, and to take complete charge of your heart and life, Jesus will give you the strength and willpower to quit those bad habits and stop taking cheap substitutes and shortcuts to paradise.

It simply makes sense that only your Maker can give you the paradise life you were created to enjoy. Just Think a Minute…

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