Water a necessity

By Ulimasao Fata 10 January 2018, 12:00AM

You can live without so many materialistic things, but never water.

This is the belief of a mother of eight, Tinei Semisi, from the village of Salua, Manono.

The 38-year-old believes life is really tough for her family, especially with her husband being the only person employed in their family.

“He doesn’t earn that much from his job and that is the money that supports me and our eight children,” Mrs. Semisi told the Village Voice team yesterday. 

“The cost of living here in Samoa is very expensive, and I only hope that people’s salary also increase.”

Mrs. Semisi said her family, including those who lived in the mainland, didn’t have running water.

“We still don’t have running water at our house and some of the families around here.”

“The only people who access running water in our area are those in the coastal area.”

“Lucky for our family we have a water tank now with the help of the Red Cross team, but then not every day it gets to rain and that’s a problem.”

“If we have enough water, then we tell our neighbouring families to come and get water from here, but if we run out, then we have to go all the way to the coastal area to get water from there.”

Mrs. Semisi says they rely mostly on their plantation for food, rather than her husband’s salary.

“My husband’s salary can only afford our electricity bill, few toiletry products and his bus fare for the whole week.”

“Life is hard here at our place, but we are trying so hard to cope with the struggles, especially not letting the kids know of the struggles.”

Mrs. Semisi adds rainy days were the best.

“This is the only time we will get to have water for our food, washing, and cleaning.”

“I know a few people dislike it when it rains because it’ll ruin their plans or even stop them from going somewhere, but are always excited.”

“Rainy days will provide water for us and will stop us from going all the way to the coastal areas to collect water.”

By Ulimasao Fata 10 January 2018, 12:00AM

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