Problems mean progress

Think a minute…What’s your problem? You know that not all problems are bad? In fact, having problems sometimes means you’re making progress. 

A big hardware business moved into the same building with another, small hardware store. The big hardware competitor posted signs all over the building that read: “Grand Opening.” 

So not to be beat, the owner of the small hardware business posted a big sign over his store that read: “Main Entrance.”  It’s successful people who know that their biggest obstacles often become their biggest opportunities. 

As one smart man said:  “The same big stone that’s an obstacle to a weak person is a steppingstone to success for a stronger person.”  The difference is in their attitude and response.

Remember, you are not the only person with problems. Even the lion has to fight off flies! So “Don’t be afraid to face the music just because you don’t like the tune.” 

Many years ago, American farmers carried their potatoes in wagons to the market. 

As their wagons bounced along on the rough, bumpy roads, the big potatoes were always the ones that ended up on top. And it’s usually the same with people. 

It’s the people with bigger hearts of faith and perseverance who end up on top, after getting over their life’s bumps and problems.

There’s a saying:  “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  

Yes, problems may detour you and take you off course for a little while, but only you can choose to stop moving ahead. Sometimes we think that our temporary problems are permanent. 

But if you stay patient and positive, then the end of your problem will become the beginning of your new season of success. 

So why not ask Jesus Christ to take charge of your heart every day. 

It’s only with Him on your side, and His peace and power in your life, that you can turn every problem into progress. 

Just Think a Minute…

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