Family Fallout

Think a minute…Today’s world, from its large companies to entire countries, runs on the speed and power of computers. But when the computer breaks down, it causes serious loss, damage, even destruction.

This is equally true of our families. Since the family is the “main operating system” of society, when the family breaks down the society breaks down also. Many of our problems today come from the crumbling of marriages and the terrible damage it has done to the millions of children from those marriages. When there is a war at home, the children are its casualties. 

It is the children who suffer the most. They become the fallout from their parents’ broken relationships. They are the ones caught in the conflict and chaos of their home. And worst of all, in most cases the damage is permanent. It produces a vicious cycle of pain and destruction. “Broken families produce broken children who grow up to produce more broken families.”

A famous scientific study was done by the U.S. government in the 1990’s. The report was called Code Blue and made the following conclusion: “Never before has one generation of teenagers been less healthy emotionally, less cared for, or less prepared for life.” 

Today it is a tragic fact that most children will never be close to their fathers and have the true love of their dad. In fact, now only one-third of children grow up with both their father and mother. With three-quarters of mothers working outside the home, and many fathers busy at work or simply not living with their children, it is almost as if there is “nobody home” to daily love and teach their kids. No wonder so many young people are full of hurt, anger, confusion and hopelessness, having all kinds of problems and troubles. 

Studies show that children growing up without their father are 5 times as likely to commit suicide, 14 times as likely to commit rape, 9 times as likely to drop out of school, 10 times as likely to abuse drugs, and 20 times as likely to end up in prison.

But the good news is it is never too late to start changing and improving your relationship with your spouse and children. Won’t you ask the One who created families to help you? With His powerful love, forgiveness and truth, Jesus will heal your past hurts. He will also show you His beautiful plan for you, your marriage and your children, and help you to start living and enjoying it daily. Just think a minute… 

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