What is your take on Toa’s story?

08 July 2016, 12:00AM

The Chairman of the National Council of Churches, Deacon Kasiano Leaupepe, has become the latest official to voice his opinion on the story of a young girl claiming to be carrying the marks of Jesus Christ’s suffering. He has urged everyone against judging Toa Opapo since he believes God is using her to send a message to Samoa. 

What do you think? Vatapuia Maiava asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:


Tujumosairo Faataga – Moata’a

It is not my place to judge her and her claims. I would just like to focus on my own walk with Christ and what I can do to be a better Christian. If her message is true then that’s good, all we need to be concerned about is removing the plank from our eyes before looking into specs in other people’s eyes.


Annie Frances Leitupo – Siumu

If she did receive a message then she might be right, only God knows the truth, but we as the children of God shouldn’t just discard what she is saying. I commend her for the amount of courage she is displaying by coming out and sharing what she believes to be true. There’s no point in saying that she is wrong or right; the message she shares is something the previous prophets shared and that’s something good.


John Sasagi – Vaitele

I don’t believe it. God’s messages come directly from him and him alone and that is through the word of God, the Bible. If people stop listening to every person that comes around and claims to be some sort of prophet and focuses all their time reading the bible then we would have no problems.


Sheila Gaopoa – Vaitele Tai

I believe what my pastor always says; you take everything from the bible, you take your warnings from the bible. It’s crazy because I was in Hawai’i when I found out about Toaipuapuaga Opapo and it got my family talking about it. This is very interesting, my opinion and point of view is that when things like this happen then it pushes people to God and to strengthen the relationship they share. It says in his word that we should not have faith in Man because you will be disappointed, always place your faith in God. So as a Christian and a person who believes in the God Almighty and the Great I Am, I believe we have to always go back to the Bible; we have to go back to where it all began. The opportunity provided by Toa is a good thing because with the confusion it creates, people will seek answers in the bible and that’s what matters most to me; the more they seek the deeper their understanding of God will become.


Tulolo Otele – Vaitele

I believe that what Toa shares is the truth and that the warnings are directly from God. We must take what she says seriously, stick our heads in our bibles and reflect on our lives. Toa bears the markings of the crucifixion; and I know for a fact that what she is doing is not easy. To my understanding, if you know something is right with all your heart then no matter how much criticism you get, you will always power on through; and that is exactly what Toa is doing right now.


Carl Sefilino – Falealupo

I believe that this message is something that we in Samoa should feel privileged to be a part of. Our nation which has a foundation on God birthed a girl who receives messages from the Lord and I am proud of that. Rather than alienate her, we should embrace her bravery with what she shares and heed the warnings she is giving us.

08 July 2016, 12:00AM

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