Papaya leaf effective in combating Dengue

Samoans don’t have to look far for a cure to diseases like dengue fever. 

The Managing Director of Soil Health Pacific and Agricultural Specialist, Edwin Tamasese, says there are locally available ingredients accessible by everyone that can be used as medicine.

Take the medicinal value of the papaya leaf for instance.

“A very simple cure is however likely growing in your back or even front yard – the common papaya leaf,” Mr. Tamasese tells the Samoa Observer. 

“The question however is has it been proven to work and very importantly are there any side effects that could cause more harm than good. The answer on whether it works is a definitive yes. Studies have been conducted in Malaysia, Pakistan, and India etc with some health services being bold enough to include a papaya leaf protocol as part of their formal medical approach.”

The information from Mr. Tamasese is extremely important. 

It comes as the Ministry of Health confirms five dengue related deaths (see update on right hand side).

Although dengue is not a new disease, there is still no known medical cure for it.

With no cure and no sure proof way to prevent ourselves from contracting this disease, people are becoming more open to the natural remedies found in their own backyard and plantations. The results have been overwhelmingly positive.

Mr. Tamasese has witnessed the effectiveness of the papaya leaf himself having made a concoction out of the leaves for his friends and family with a one hundred percent success rate.

 “Personally for friends and family that I have made and provided it for the cure rate has been 100% typically clearing within three days. This aligns with the findings of medical research. There are variations in methods of making a papaya leaf extract but the one that I use has proven very effective for me so I use it.”

The best defense in fighting an incurable disease is to ensure that your immune system is at optimum levels in order to combat it and papaya leaf extract has shown its capacity in boosting the immune system.

“According to the blood measurements taken during medical trials, it increases the white blood cell count and the platelet count in patients,” Mr. Tamasese said. “Basically it boosts the immune system.”

 “The reality of disease is that there are many cures out there that are very effective. In my view and from the research I have read, published by leading medical and scientific professionals around the world many cures exist around us and are at our fingertips to utilize.”

“N.C.D’s for example are very curable and can generally be turned around in 3 months with the proper nutrition and food based treatments. Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc are all curable in this way. We just need to take a more holistic and knowledgeable approach to treatment and our loved ones and ourselves will see significant benefit.”

Mr. Tamasese shares his method of making the papaya leaf concoction cautioning that the extract is bitter and there are ways of making it more palatable for drinking,

 “Take a papaya leaf that is what I call a teenage leaf. It is not the very young pale green papaya leaf but the next full size leaf from those ones. I take the whole leaf, wash it, cut it up fine and blend it in a blender with half a cup of water.” 

 “Once this is done I take the solution and strain it through cheese cloth or mull cloth. From this solution I measure 5 mls into a medicine cup and give it to the person once in the morning and once in the evening.”

 “This is very bitter extract and for children I generally advise using a good quality grape or other juice to be taken straight after to wash down the bitter taste.”

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