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Dear Editor

Rugby League Samoa had a Rugby League 9s Tournament at Sataoa Primary School rugby field on Saturday 4th June 2016 and there were only four teams that entered the tournament.

They were 1)Sataoa  2)Mulivai-Safata  3)Aleisa  4)Matautu-Lefaga

This week was the start of  the 13 man aside and I went to the Board after the games to see if we could enter the tournament but I was told by Fritz, the Samoa Rugby League representative, (who he is also from Sataoa) that if we wanted to play, we should go and play for the Sataoa team. 

But Sataoa has more than 20 players and the Sa’anapu team has the same number so how are we going to make it into the Sataoa team? 

The Sataoa management are only going to pick their own players.

He also asked why we entered the Si’i Sevens tournament.  It is not his business what tournament our team enters.

I was surprised that he said that. 

He also said there was paper given to Sa’anapu people letting them know about the tournament which was a lie and he had no evidence to prove what he said. The truth was, he only told his Sataoa village about it.

We, Saanapu and Sataoa have a great rivalry and it’s has been 10 years we Sa’anapu, have been the champions of Safata Rugby. In those 10 years, Sataoa haven’t beaten our team both in the 7’s and in the 15 man game. And with the replacement of Palusalue of the Tautua Party by Lea’ana Ronnie Posini (he is Saanapu as well), that rivalry has got worse.

The truth is, we are interested in playing Rugby League and all we wanted is to enter a Sa’anapu team in this tournament and learn more about the game which we know little about

We won’t be denied by Fritz. And here’s me thinking that they will be happy to have more people interested in the game but I was wrong. 

I think Fritz took it too personally and they are afraid of our team because we are better than the teams that played on Saturday and we back our talk with how we play in field. 

We thought that the tournament was for the development of rugby league in Safata area, but we were wrong.



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