New job vacancies website launched

By Ivamere Nataro 19 November 2018, 12:00AM

It’s probably not the first online job advertising website in Samoa, but it definitely will be the best that Samoa has ever had. 

That is the assurance of 33-year-old William Curry who was referring to his newly launched website – Samoa Vacancies, a platform for employers and business to advertise vacant positions. 

“So this is a website to create employment opportunities for people and for employers to find employees more easier and I’m trying to set it up in a central location, so I’m trying to bring in the private sector, the Government, the non-government organisation to make finding job easier,” the Vailoa lad said. 

“Per position am charging $20 tala, so am trying to make it affordable. Some of the reason I am charging people is for example, the website itself, it’s also you have to pay for things like domain, web hosting to actually put your website on, other certain features that you have to pay for. Payment depends on what plans you have, I have my website hosted overseas, so you have pay monthly or yearly depending on the plan you choose. 

“This website is supposed to be affordable, easy for people to advertise, convenient. Once they register, they are able to upload it whenever they want, so you can upload anytime. Right now people can pay in cash and cheque, and in time I will roll out other payment options. 

Currently, Mr. Curry is managing the website himself, but he plans to expand his business with multiple digital services and a more skill variety work force to contribute to his future projects. 

“Am busy building different projects on the side, also there would be I.T. innovation projects for the people of Samoa, so in time I will be rolling out different projects. I’ve hear people say I need this, I can’t afford this, so what am trying to do is bridge that gap. Some of my future projects will focus on software and will cater for people’s needs, different businesses. 

“I launched the website last week and I have a few clients already including Sheraton and there are other businesses that have expressed their interest as well.  I think in time this project will actually pay for itself, in terms of the maintenance of the website itself, and in time I’m also trying to bring some more benefits to all those registered employers.” 

Mr. Curry said he planned for the website because IT was his passion and he also wanted to follow his grandfather’s footsteps, who was an entrepreneur and had multiple investments. 

“I’ve always wanted to do something more for myself. I’ve moved from job to job, challenging myself with different businesses, companies, government, you know they all have different requirements, different needs, so I moved around, they would need this and that, so I would help them develop it,” he said. 

“I have worked in Government and private sectors in the I.T. area. I have a degree in I.T. from overseas, so what am trying to do is create IT innovation, which is the aim of my business to cater for people of Samoa and help make things easier. 

“There are a lot of areas that needs improving.  Yes there are challenges with technology, especially with technology that constantly grows at a rapid pace, constantly changes every day. Samoa is usually behind on technology, so we want to help bring people up to more high level that’s also competitive and beneficial for them.”

Mr. Curry said earlier this year he was hunting for a job and what he noted was that there was no central advertising platform as businesses tend to advertise in any medium of communication. 

“It was quite hard to find a job, over here there’s a lot of advertising, every business will have their own website or Facebook page to advertise, then you have the media, they advertise everywhere, so it’s kind of hard to find central location, find something that you’re looking for. 

“Everyone can access Samoa Vacancies, everyone who has an internet connection. They can just access the website and view the positions themselves, and on each position there’s a link to apply for the job and you will apply directly to the business, whether it’s on the website or email, and in time I will start advertising it, once I get more people on board.”

Mr. Curry said in time, he hopes to find someone who shares the same passion and idea to partner with in growing his business. 

The website is:  

By Ivamere Nataro 19 November 2018, 12:00AM
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