A belated Father’s Day message

Dear Editor,

Belated Father’s day wishes, everyone! A day our community used to commemorate as ‘Labour Day’ untilParliament legislate it to be, since December 2004. 

A day most people view it as one of another Business gig/concert but I for one back then was happy as when I get to learn of God’s beauty regarding a ‘Family unit’ I wonder why the poor ‘Fathers’where NOT honoured while the Children and our Mothers were? 

So fittingly our Parliament commemorate Fathers Day on the second Sunday of August, while 15th August every year since 1954, Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary dogma get celebrated.

A truth that had passed down from the Apostles whom were around when Mary the mother of Christ Jesus died her natural deathand when they re-open her tomb to prove to Apostle Thomas (whom was not around when she passed on) they found it empty. Pope Pius XII confirmed it 01 November 1950 refuting the 15th Century Reformation main Theological debate concern’son Mother of God,as a heresy.

Now with Parliament setting our nations glance -via our Democratic and Independent State Constitution, right on the TRINITY God as understood by our Forefathers all we need to do now is to grasp it with His Love whole heartedly and be-prepared to share itas he had shown us. And like anything else, we cannot share any LOVE if we are not in possession of any, don’t you agree?

Having said so, wonder how the Father’s of our local National Council of Churches (NCC) had consider my wish for them to consider setting out Mary –the Mother of God, as a testing point for a genuine Christian church.

Reciting that First Council of Constantinople Nicene Creed 381AD whole heartedly should help them see God’s will clearly with much hope that one day soon they would be able to portray a Unison God in ONE form of Body for us Samoa to see and live it as a sure witness to the World in our days that He certainly has been and He certainly remained with us since His return via their 3rd Personification, i.e. Holy Spirit is for real, don’t you agree?

My last piece I had a go at poor General Secretary of the NCC but what can he do if not all the established institution whom claim ‘to be churches’ of some sort where already found footing in our land e.g. Pentecostals in the likes of Peace Chapel, Worship Centre to name a few, Jehovah Witness, Baha’i Faith, Seven Day Adventist, Muslim are not binding in to discuss their ‘much less difference’ compare to ‘the many more Similarities’ they have as propaganda of God’s grace, right Rev. Maauga? 

And while Maauga and his group of ‘Tauleleamatutua’ are at their soul searching consideration I wonder how about us“Matai’s Samoa”through our Samoan way [faa-Samoa] and our individual calling to share ‘His Almighty name’.Are we to wait around like ‘headless chickens’ for Maauga and his group or ‘aren’t we supposed to lead the way’ helping our leading Parliamentary pack of 100%Matai’s. 

Don’t be mistaken with the much un-guided ‘news’ uttered now a days both locally and from outside in. A classic example of what I mean, are the much noise with regards to ‘domestic violence’, ‘all sorts of sexual incest and abuse cases’, ‘Chinese workers working on Sundays’, ‘corrupt PM’, to name a few been reported locally even Trump and his North Korea colleague asthe hottest news from overseas to name a few.

Whilst the most disturbed one to me personally was how my Facebook friend Patrick Gannon [an Agnostic] limited views were uttered locally. Then to my surprise his limited views on the ‘Mother of the TRINITY God’ notion got seconded by one of our ‘lands reluctant resident -Wendy Wonder’ [an Atheist], as if we needed their ‘mindless’ advice?

Certainly the Jihad (to struggle in the way of Allah) and Harb al-Muqadis (Holy War) nor the Westerner and Asian ‘ugly war situation’widely seen now days would ever be borne out of Samoa [the Sacred Centre of the world] in our days.

Pretty sure the concerns of Chinses now seem overcrowding our land [even Madame Wendy Wonder if that is her real name?] could do good for us should they be willingly enough to understand of our genuine Christian values as witness by the earlier group of Asian incomparable to the Easterners and the Westerners, don’t you agree?

And remember all the seam struggling seen now a days were all been overcome by our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus with his Triumphant Resurrection from  with his willing inhumane death on that cross. During his life on earth he had salvage us all from four (4) main areas of our worldly lives;

First (1). From our own individual sinful lives (I am a sinful person outright and so does everyone else except His mother and Himself being a divine God whom willingly lowered his status for our salvation)

Secondly (2). From the weakness of others(of course our dear Sailele Malielegaoi being our current Mr. PM is a weak person himself and that should never block us from seeing Him right and discover his wish for us all -as Christ final wish of his Father before ending his life; Father forgive them for they do not know what they have done,!).

Thirdly (3). From the evils spirits (living amongst our human race,,)

Fourthly (4). From our fearful view towards Death (for certainly that is not the end but the beginning of our Divine life,, a truth both Atheist and Agnostic are having trouble to comprehend not too sure of the Muslims, Baha’I Faith and Jehovah Witness?). 

Anyhow will pen off this time with one of St. Augustine of Hippo’s famous quotes; “TRUTH is like a Lion ‘where we don’t have to defend it’ all we need to do is ‘Let it loose’ and it will defend itself.”

Until next time we meet again! 


Leo’o Fonoti M.M.M.M.P.

Atalii fanau le ‘au, a le ulugalii A’tua’

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