By Layton Lolo 13 June 2016, 12:00AM

My vision is blurry

The taste of blood in my mouth

My limbs refuse to help me

My life has taken a wrong route


A figure stands above me

With weapon in hand

I scream and shout with a broken voice

I try my best to stand


Elsewhere, a soldier stands

Protecting those in need

A bullet’s fried; he hits the ground

Another spirit slowly freed


A fellow soldier cries out to him

His eyes are filled with tears

He falls to his knees and draws him close

War is the reality of fears


Another scene, of a house on a hill

Quiet, dark, and dreary

Blood soaked hands from a lifeless body

The result of drunken fury


Red and Blue lights come into play

A man taken away in chains

His actions tell the harsh truth of life

Proving its monstrosity and pain


We go now, to a place far away

In a forest so dark

A crime is committed

One done without heart


A shadowy figure toils with a shovel

Digging then burying one so violated and pure

His lust for blood is a consuming sickness

A sickness with no cure


Hatred can breed misfortune

And infect the minds of the innocent

Thousands are lost to this devilish feeling

And lives are broken and bent


We go throughout our regular days

Care free and unaware

Lives taken; loved ones lost

It’s a dangerous world out there


Violence is never ending

Forever a part of this world

No man is safe

For this, I mean every word


Darkness resides in us all

Even in the purest of souls

It hides and waits for an opportunity

Then finally takes hold


War is a gruesome history

A history that binds us together

We can’t change this violent world

Then again, it won’t stay that way forever


So lift up your weapons

And say your good – byes

Like I said, we can’t change the world

But we sure can try!

 What do you think of the world today?  Do you think it could use a lot of work?  Or do you like the world as it is?  Are there flaws you that wish weren’t there?  Or is it perfect the way it is and better than you could ever imagine?  Is the world a place you would want to live?  Or have you given up on it?  

In my opinion, this world kind of sucks.  


Then let me explain.

In certain parts of the world there is war and carnage.  There are people in the right and others in the wrong, yet both sides receive loss, and for what?  We, referring to all the people with homes and a safe place to live and grow, on the other hand don’t bother or worry about it all because we’re safe on this little island and far away from any danger, and how long will that last?  Like I said in the poem, we can’t change the world, but you can be sure we’ll try.

In history, there lived a cruel and selfish man that started a war which lead to a numerous amount of deaths, and his name was Adolf Hitler.  His name has gone down in history for his evil and horrendous acts toward others and the lives he has taken along with the massive effects on numerous countries.  He was truly one of the worlds many horrors.

I guess the next thing to say is, be glad you’re this lucky not to be a part of the horrors of the world.  But are we?  Are we separated and uninvolved in such things?  Physically we aren’t, but emotionally and spiritually, we are.  What I’m trying to say is that the terror and violence of this world can start from the smallest things, so something small can fix it.  We can be that small difference.  We may not make a whole lot of difference at first, but we can start by not contributing anything else to this.

Let’s start by loving others, forgiving when we want to hold grudges, and turning the other cheek when we want to fight.  

Only we can fix the mistakes of man – kind, so let’s start now before there’s no world left to fix.


By Layton Lolo 13 June 2016, 12:00AM

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