Staying strong and working

As we go about our day, we usually forget that even the easy things in life matter.

We forget that the things you have and the person you become today depends a lot on how we view life.

If you choose to live life in a simple way, things will be easy. 

But if you are always looking at someone else, there is no happy ending. 

That is how the a father, Fata Nofoa of Afega views the past and the future. Aged 62 Fata helps his children care for the family by tending his plantation. 

He said working together to develop family is the strongest weapon.

“There is no other way to beat struggles than working together,” Mr Nofoa said. 

“If we chose the right decisions while we are young your children and your children’s children will go through the same. 

“That is why the most developed families in Samoa have all the things in life.

“I know some are in need of help and have their own reasons unlike the ones who need help because they screwed up when they were young.”  

Fata said he knew life was hard and he was prepared. 

“I don’t talk highly about myself, because I’m not that kind of person,” he said. 

“From the very beginning I knew life was going to move forward and things would be different. 

“I work hard to do the best I can to be able to put my children to school. 

“So as for today they have all ended up the way I want them to.  

“My intentions were right and despite how successful they have become I still work to help them out. 

Fata said having poor roads to the plantation will not stop him from helping to provide for his family.

“While the children are making their way to work I walk here to our plantation.  

 “This is the work that I do to take care of those I love. My family has been relying on what I grow in the plantation for food while the children’s pay is for the bills and contributions. 

 “Life as a farmer isn’t too hard for me because I grew up with it and as I got older, I am now using everything that I have learnt to take care of my own family.”

Fata says that he would rather stand on his own two feet and help provide for his family through his work in the plantation.

“There’s a lot a plantation can do for your family,” he said.

“It provides food for the family which also has an added benefit of keeping the body strong. Another benefit is that the next generation could learn and help them while develop. 

 “I grow all sorts of crops.”

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