Why public officials love trade talks

Dear Editor,

Re: Proceed with caution 

Bureaucratic opportunities for the parasitic political class including travel, networking with foreigners, per diems outweigh the interests of the ordinary citizen in Samoa who have no actual rights or say in the political process. 

We are on the verge of the wholesale transfer of all land to the State in spite of our Constitution and without consultation or the consent of the people.

There are three stakeholders in all public and private affairs: firstly, the ordinary individual citizen, secondly, the group, and thirdly, leadership.

Individuals have no rights and are viewed as chattel and much work is being done by leadership to take their land away.

Groups - families and churches - are being tamed so completely as to destroy any resistance to leadership. Leadership is evolving into a new society as middlemen to foreigners to exploit all of Samoa’s resources.

There is no compassion or sympathy, no desire to educate or lift their aiga to raise Samoa from its role as a slave state and resource to nurture the future generations of foreigners.

Among the Western educated class, they talk of a new Constitution and a new elite and so much wealth to be shared from the exploitation of their less educated relatives. It truly is a form of cannibalism.

All for themselves and nothing for anyone else. However this will destroy all Aiga as Western inheritance laws pass ownership with each generation and all titles pass from father to son.

The empowerment of indigenous peoples by freeing up their (land) Dead 

Capital is an excuse to lure protected assets into the Poker game of 


Native peoples are unable to compete in the sophisticated milieu of deceit and teaming of consummate fraudsters. 

It is not intended to help or empower others but instead to chew through their property and sacrifice their futures on the altar of Capitalistic gluttony.


Maua Faleauto

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