Educate yourself about God’s creation

Dear Editor,

Re: Evolution, Christianity and God 

“So God is a man in the sky with an anatomy bearing stark similarity to a chimpanzee’s”

Religion extremism in Muslim faith would not allow anyone to speak blasphemous against their God and here we have a Muslim guy doing just that and I hope you can reconsider your stupidity for your own sake.

And if you’re talking about the Christian God then let me put some logic into your illogical mind. God Almighty created man in his image...not monkey. Therefore you deliberately misinterpreted the Christian Bible out of spite and envy or are you trying to create disorder like an extremist? Typical.

Keep dreaming Istanbul Winger, knowledge is more powerful and I am comfortable with the Truth.

There is a story of creation in the Koran as well but since Muslim religion was created some 600 years after Christianity. Then what it says about creation is a confirmation of what’s already written in the Bible.

The Bible is credible compared to your assumptions about a fire resistance miniature mouse that supposedly and miraculously survived a fiery disaster that wiped out the big lizards. It’s a good script for a sci-fi movie which should be good for entertainment.

While religion can explain the creation of man, you can’t even explain in detail how monkey or miniature horse existed but we should expect this kind of illogical rambling to come from people who are related to a shrew with a pea size brain. If you can’t explain how it all started right from the beginning then the rest of your scientific assumptions are irrelevant and pointless.

Your understanding of history is vague at best also, Medina and Mecca were used to be hubs of Jewish businesses but what happened to those native Jews?

How was Muslim faith spread around Africa and the middle east also?

Use your time wisely to acquire knowledge so that you can contribute logically to any discussion with sound knowledge and facts rather trying to create disorder like a typical religion extremist. Peace.


Le Mafa 

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