Tell me something I don’t know

Re: Villager tired of ‘broken promises’

Your opinion is yours alone and what I say about Church leaders will not affect my mouth at all...that is for God to judge not you or a church leader. 

Being a church leader doesn’t mean God looks at me any less than them so stick your advice up yours! 

Who acts on an MP’s request? 

It’s the Government’s duty to provide the basic services such water to these communities. 

Please.......don’t give your “speak from experience” BS! 

Fagaloa hasn’t been in existence for hundreds and hundreds of years because Samoa was only westernised yesterday! 

Therefore, none of those ideas even existed in Samoa. 

I was born and raised in Samoa, lived all my life there so I’ve experienced it myself. 

You and I both know the current state of the economy, and the abuse of power from Govt officials right down to the office driver, etc etc......public servants leaving work at lunch to go to the R.S.A then turn back up at work to knock off.........and for you to say you’ll teach me something.......mate, I’m not going to waste my time telling you my academic history. 

And for the elections and having a go........I’m actually considering it, have thought about it many times, so what you’re telling me now is nothing I haven’t heard before.


Hezi Jak 

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