Samoa becomes a Christian theocracy

Dear Editor,

I can’t believe that the P.M. is going to make Christianity the official religion of the state because it is not violent. The only reason there is no violence in modern Christian societies is because of a separation of church and state. 

It is this separation of church and state that protects people from the dangers of religion and protects the rights of those who are not Christian or have no religion. 

There are no modern examples of Christianity that do not have a separation of church and state. The reason that Islam has problems with violence is because there are too many countries in the east who do not have a separation of church and state. 

There are no modern countries that you can use as an example of the risks you would take if you do not separate church and state. This is a very dangerous move and the move only a dictator would make. 

Historically, and I think this is of the utmost importance in this situation, Christianity was just as brutal and persecuted just as many as Islam does today, when church and state were one. 

Why would the PM even entertain such a stupid constitutional amendment?

It is the very thing he is planning on changing that is the only reason Christianity is not seen as a violent religion today. If he does this then we will see moderate Christians arguing that it is not their religion that is violent but it is the radicals in their religion, who are to blame. 

The moderate Christians will be defending their religion in the same way moderate Muslims are forced to defend their religion because too many Muslim countries there is no separation of church and state. 

This is the only reason Islam is violent and under the same circumstances Christianity has and will be just as violent as any Muslim country without a separation of church and state. 

What a fool this man is. Freedom of religion is a human right but it is only a right that is upheld in a country, which separates church and state. Samoa is about to become the only Christian theocracy headed by a one party state in the world. 

Let’s see how that all unfolds. Something tells me Samoa may be the only modern day Christian equivalent of Isis. 

Christian countries have evolved from the time when there was no separation of church and state and Islam did not, but here you have the PM wanting to put his country right back into the dark ages when Christianity and the state were one. 

It will look just like any Islam country that hasn’t evolved.

Wendy Wonder

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