It’s great to at last see, one group of people who have gone through a Leadership Programme actually banding together again to do something for the community. Cheers to them.

Only problem appears to be, first their choice of project and second, their decision not to work with the national sports organization to combine forces.

However all is not lost as B.T.L. has come up with a fantastic alternative project for an Awards Night for this group of leaders.

How about an Awards Night for our Politicians? Oh come on, you know you want to! Just think of the fun of choosing appropriate prizes? And many of them are sooooo deserving. For their safety the identity of judges will be kept secret as all secrets in Samoa are!

Here are just a few of the categories people could be vying for - some serious others are just downright scathing

Send in your nominations please!

Politician with the most air points from “government travel” 

Politician with the silliest ideas 

The zero ethics party hopper Politician 

Most trustworthy Politician 

Politician you would most like to be stranded on a desert island with!!!

Politician rarely seen in their constituency post elections 

Political Longevity Award (you know who you are!) 

Politician with the most expensive office décor (this category may well have been discontinued from last year) 

Politician with the ‘loudest’ elei shirts

Politician who is in meetings 24/7, annually according to hid secretary 

The Return of the Walking Dead Award 

The Waste of Space Award

Politician with the best sense of humour

Politician from whom you would happily  purchase a used car

The most pompous politician (and yes, again, you know who you are!)

Politician who would even go to the opening of a fridge door

Politician with the best pimped up wheels

Politician who has wasted the greatest amount of taxpayers’ money (this one could be hotly contested)

(Ok that’s enough thank you. Editor)    


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