A plot against the Prime Minister

Rev: hey boys what are you people discussing here

Simi:  aaa malo rev…aaa nofing just discussing our plan against the Prime Minister

Rev: what are you planning against the PM and why?

Samu:  u know why…he trying to cut u…oh I mean tax u.  We plan to go up to his face and tell it to him to no tax u.

Rev: boys don’t be silly stop what you are doing, leave it in God’s hands he has a better plan

Stivi: but rev pipo are saying bad fings about u saying u should no go to da hospital anymore.

Rev: don’t worry God will heal all my illness

Simi: and they say u shouldn’t use da road anymore

Rev: don’t worry I can walk on water

Simi: they say u no get the pension

Rev: don’t worry God will provide 

Samu: rev and other churches they hating on us

Rev: boys, never fight with your fellow believers no matter the circumstances. 

We are all children of God we all stay together and love one another.

Sitivi: rev, why u fink da PM want ur moneh

Rev: well you see boys, the PM he has so much debt after building so many buildings with Chinese money.  He can’t pay the money so he’s trying to find money to pay back his debt. I feel sorry for him.

Boys: aaaahhhhhhh…we neva fought bout dat rev. 

Simi: so watcha gonna do when da tax collecta comes for you 

Rev: don’t worry God has a plan 

Samu: wat’s dat plan a rev, pls tell us

Rev: ok I’ll tell you God’s plan.  Come closer…. you heard about the ‘rapture’ ia that’s God’s plan come June.

Boys: aaaaahhhh….we see, very smart plan rev..so when da tax collecta come to collect u, da rapture come and u evaporate to da sky a ea.

Rev: hehe correct

Simi: but rev wat if da rapture comes and u no evaporate to the sky?

Rev: then God will have another plan Boys come enough of that.. lets go feed the poor with my $10,000 alofa

Samu: Rev wea u get dat amount of moneh..u only have 3 matafales

Rev: Exactly hehe

Sitivi: Rev, afta we feed da poor wat next?

Rev: We go look for a wheel barrow and walk the streets to collect money for the PM


Blessings Samoa


Leutogitupaitea Seiuli

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