Parents, alcohol and lack of education blamed

03 June 2018, 12:00AM

The violence in Savai’i last weekend has been a major talking point for the past few days. Even the Head of State referred to the incident during his Independence Day address. What do you think is causing all this? Adel Fruean asked members of the public in today’s Street Talk and this is what they said: 


Fata Sanele, 69, Vailoa

I believe it is the lack of education. It is through their bad judgement that has served to bring disgrace upon their families and villages. Games like billiards are useful because it helps bring peace and harmony. But our youths use them in a negative way to show off, start up fights and arguments.


Imelda Ulberg, 42, Vailoa

In my opinion, the youths of these particular villages have no knowledge or understanding of the right and proper teachings in life. 

Another reason could be a flaw in the ruling of the Village Council. If their ruling had stability, then there would be no sign of trouble in any form. But it all comes down to the family in terms of the parents’ guidance. Even if the youths are matured by age, it is still a must to counsel them because the youths of today are quite troubled. Each youth had a sense of their own independent thought or opinion, but they did not consider any compassion on those who were badly affected and were not involved in their dispute. The troubled youths should all be held accountable for their actions because no one is above the law. 


Falaniko Luaufui, 32, Neiafu

I am deeply saddened with all the posts on social media concerning this particular dispute. The people who hosted these games should have been more careful especially in terms of fights and arguments, so they should not have catered to those people who start the disagreements. For these matters, the village does not have any power but the law has more power. If the Parliament, especially referring to the Prime Minister passes their judgement on this matter, then that is final. But it is a great disappointment because the world has seen it all through social media and that paints a bad picture about Samoa. 






Sina Amosa Iakopo, 50 

Tuaefu, Patamea, Savaii.

I suspect that alcohol played a role in the dispute between these youths from two separate villages. I am well aware that there is a bad feud between these two particular villages. 

I also think that the ones who caused such havoc in Savaii are sure to be uneducated. The parents of these youths surely have tried everything in their power to advise them but they still turned a blind eye, not caring about how it could also affect their parents. 

Games or sports should not serve as a reason to fight instead everyone should respect whatever the outcome is.


Filisita Auvae, 58, Taufusi

It is not right what had happened to the big island of Savaii. The clash between these two separate youths shouldn’t have involved the members of the public. I believe in terms of talking out these issues, it is up to the Village Councils to meet and discuss a peace agreement to counter such horrific actions. I believe the Police cannot solve this dispute because of the councils and their role in each village. All parents counsel their children, but it all falls back on the youths and their poor choice of actions that has resulted in these events. Through their actions, it costs them the reputations of families, especially in villages.


Eti Seumanutafa, 38, Falealupo

It is up to each individual and their own right to choose the actions they make. 

I believe that if it started as a disagreement over a game then there is an opportunity to fix it before it gets out of hand. 

It really is a sad and disappointing sight to witness such events, especially on social media. 

It has reached a level which shouldn’t have because of one small disagreement which led to such despicable actions that has affected even those who were not involved. We leave it all in the hands of the law now, but sadly through such great anger they resorted to violence.



03 June 2018, 12:00AM

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