Well done, H.R.P.P!

By Mata'afa Keni Lesa 06 March 2016, 12:00AM

Today is a special day. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the verge of a new era in Samoan politics. 

It is an era of total domination by the ruling Human Rights Protection Party (H.R.P.P), having booted all there was in their path on Friday during the General Elections.

Indeed, the victory founded upon party solidarity and clever policies is unprecedented, possibly unheard of anywhere else in the world. 

To say that the Tautua Samoa Party was defeated is an understatement.

The reality is that the H.R.P.P has probably booted them to oblivion, possibly annihilating the poor thing on its way so that we might never hear about them again. 

But then the Tautua is only the latest opposition party to have met a similar fate.

So at this point, allow us to once again congratulate Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi for his leadership and foresight. 

Loathe him or love him, it’s impossible to deny that he is a great man. He is arguably one of the most brilliant politicians on planet earth today. 

We say this because who else could possibly be capable of achieving such a feat in this day an age? 

Indeed, there is no one else who could have conceived such a brilliant political plan. Anywhere else in the world where one party rules with such dominance, there would be anarchy and lawlessness on the streets. 

But here in beautiful Samoa, there is nothing of the sort. It’s remarkable that all this has been achieved with such peace.

What we had instead on Friday were thousands of voters smiling all the way to the polling booths to show their unquestionable approval to Prime Minster Tuilaepa and the H.R.P.P. 

The end result – although largely predictable – was resounding for the government. As such, we will have another five years with the H.R.P.P at the helm. 

God willing that we arrive at the next General Elections, that will make the H.R.P.P’s reign 39 years old with Tuilaepa sitting as Prime Minister for more than 20 years. 

That’s some impressive numbers, ladies and gentlemen.

This is what we mean when we talk about the beginning of a new era. This is Samoa rewriting the history books. It’s the dawn of what would be best described as ‘democracy Samoa style.’ 

In the eyes of the outside world it might look as if it’s not such a good idea but this is an endorsed and a democratic one party state. If you want to know, we can tell you that all the boxes have been ticked. 

We had a free and fair election, we had all the hallmarks of what you’d expect in a democracy. And if you look at the result and think that it’s a dictatorship given the absence of a recognised opposition in Parliament, all you need to do is read Prime Minister Tuilaepa’s comments on page 3 of the newspaper you are reading. 

That’s right, there are many ways to skin a cat. 

This is Samoa. 

Peaceful, democratic, beautiful Samoa.

Interestingly, looking at the numbers from Friday, there are positive signs for people who wanted change. While change in terms of political parties did not necessarily happen – and we knew there was no way it was going to happen – the number of new Members of Parliament tell a story.

There are 24 new Members of Parliament. 

That means 24 M.Ps who sat on those seats in the past five years have been removed.

That’s not a small number. 

It’s nearly half of Parliament. 

What does that tell us? Is there a lesson there? Ineffective members perhaps?

What message are these numbers telling us? 

As for the H.R.P.P’s 44 – maybe plus 2 more now that the Tautua has found a third member – we are certainly creating history. 

In a couple of week’s time, we will have Prime Minister Tuilaepa announce his new Cabinet line up. He will have 13 Cabinet Ministers. The rest of the H.R.P.P members will become some sort of Associate Minister. It’s just the beginning. You and I, the submissive and silent taxpayers, the smiling voters will fork out the millions to pay them.  For another five years.

But don’t complain now, this is the government you wanted. This is what we agreed to. It’s democratic, perfectly legal and only possible in Samoa.

So join us today in applauding the start of a new era for Samoa. The term ‘H.R.P.P generation’ has just been given a whole new meaning.

Have a restful Sunday Samoa, God help us!

By Mata'afa Keni Lesa 06 March 2016, 12:00AM

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