A one-party state it is

06 March 2016, 12:00AM

The results speaks for itself. The H.R.P.P is set to rule Samoa for another five years. With an unprecedented 44 seats and two other independents who are likely to join, the H.R.P.P has proven far too powerful yet again. What are your thoughts about the election result and what does this mean for Samoa? Deidre Fanene asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:

Fesolai Vine

The election this year has certainly brought some surprises. The people that you didn’t think would lose have lost and there are a lot of new faces so we have a whole different Parliament this year. As for the outcome of the election, well it is what it is now. There is nothing we can do. Samoa will be a one party country and this is good because now the government can focus on all their future plans without anyone trying to stop them.


Sauvao Ikapoti Maiava

The election this year is different from all the past years. It didn’t seem like there was an election, everything was so calm. I’m sad that there is no opposition. I wonder what kind of Parliament we’re going to have without an opposition. Is there a need for a Parliament anymore then when the H.R.P.P can pass laws by themselves?


Ala’aga Faamelea

The election went well. As for the government, this means we will be having more developments because the H.R.P.P will do everything to help our people without any opposition.


Vaofusi Maluafou
Gagaifo Lefaga

The result of the election doesn’t surprise me. We expected it. The H.R.P.P has dominated all the seats in Parliament so this means our country is a one party country. Maybe it’s meant to be this way.


Apulu Aletaseta Tolai

For me election was okay but I am sad because now I can see that our country is a one party country. I mean I might not agree with some of the things that Tautua Samoa focused on but I was happy because there was another side who always questioned the government of the day’s plans. I think there should always be two sides to make Parliament look good because there are people who don’t agree with some of the plans the government come up with. Now those people have no voice in Parliament so this means we just have do what the government of the day says.


Lumafu Tagoiaega
Fasitoo Uta

I think this is what the people wanted. They probably only wanted a one party Parliament so that we don’t hear about these opposing views anymore. The H.R.P.P’s dominance doesn’t surprise me at all. They have everything at their disposal including money and the results speak for themselves.

06 March 2016, 12:00AM

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