Dengue fever mosquitoes and Samoa

Dear Editor,

Re: False alarm and Olo

False alarm or not, Olo is absolutely correct to bring up the issue of doing something to eradicate mosquitos in Samoa. 

They are a problem that will keep tourists away, whether it’s dengue, Zika, chikuyunga or just plain annoying. 

Every time I return home I have to be treated at a Canadian medical facility for some disgusting mosquito related infection. 

If my life was not so entwined with Samoa I would not go there for a vacation because of the mosquito problem. 

The mosquitos and their constant attacks on me whether I am at home, having dinner at Giordano’s or other restaurants, or out visiting a site, they ruin my evening. 

I have no choice when I am in Samoa but to slather myself with poisonous deet mosquito spray 10 x per day, spray my house with poisonous, expensive spray, breath mosquito coil smoke all day, or suffer in misery while they eat away at me. It is an awful experience and a real tropical paradise does not ignore its mosquito infestation problem. 

Samoa needs to spray like they must do at Tanoa Tusitala because I don’t get eaten alive there. The mosquitos are a real problem in Samoa and it’s time the PM started using some of his aid money or some of the money he is making through S.I.F.As money laundering and tax haven schemes and to do something about them once and for all.

Come on P.M. take some of your tax haven wealth and get rid of the mosquitos. It might help your poor people have a chance at a tourism job. 

You and your government shouldn’t be the only Samoans to be reaping the benefits of Samoa being one of the 17 blacklisted tax haven countries. 

Share the wealth and help your people by getting rid of the mosquitos.


Wendy Wonder 

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